LSCC Series Cyclone Dust Collector

Lochamp LSCC series cyclone dust collector’s collection efficiency will be higher along with the increase in dust. So, cyclone used to be the first dust collector in the dust removing system to deal with high dust load effectively.For the small dust collecting, usually use cyclone and impulse dust collector together.
Certificates:CE and ISO90001: 2008
Type:Dust Collector
Air volume(m³/h):1080-10800
Equipment Material:stainless steel/carbon steel



1.Can be used in combination by the single-tube and single cylinder, single cylinder air capacity for 15000-18000m³/h.

2. Dust removal efficiency high up to 95%.

3.High temperature resistant linings, temperature-resistant up to 450 °C, resistance is 20-30 times more than ordinary carbon steel base.

4.Simple structure, easy maintenance, low cost, long service life

A. Collecting the big size dust

B. For the dust collecting efficiency not so high requirement

C. When the air contain high dust


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