SJHS Series Double-circle paddle Mixer

Checked by the State General Administration of Quality, 95% mixing uniformity (CV 5%), normal residue≤0.1%, power consumption is only 0.3kw.h/t.
Type:Double-circle paddle Mixer machine
Mixed Weight (kg/bat):500 - 3000
Mixing Time:(45 - 60 sec/bat)
Application:Widely used in feed, food, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide and other industries



High Uniformity

International patented double-layer rotors’ design, CV 95%, short mixing time.

Equipped with return air tube with large section to reduce dust and prevent material segregation.

No Residues and No Leakage

Full-open discharge door ensures residual rate ≤ 0.1%, preventing cross-contamination.

Silicone seal at discharge door, specially designed packing seal at shaft end to ensure no leakage.


Large access door, reasonable design, convenient for cleaning and maintenance, saving time

Access door with limit switch can ensure worker's safety.


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