TLSS series Screw Feeder

TLSS series Screw Conveyor can be used in wide range of level and small inclination (0° ~ 20°) transport for powdery, pellet and small block materials.When working, raw materials is transported from inlet to conveyor trough, and pushed to outlet by thrust of spiral blade’s rotation.
Type:Screw Feeder
Chain Speed (m/s):2.2 - 15
Transportation Distance(m):3-66
Application: it can be used in wide range of transport on powdery, granular and small block materials level and small inclination(0 ° -20 ° ).



1. big inlet,avoid raw material block.

2. bearing sealing, bearing insulate end plate,avoid bearing into impurity.

3. use to high precision materials,such as light calcium,mountain flour,pre-mix etc.

4. Small size,low noise,flexible position arrangement of inlet and outlet.

5. Optional anti-blocking warning speed alarm.


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